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Oksana Pylypchuk was born on August 10th in Kiev, Ukraine.

From 5 years old she has started her trainings in Sport Gymnastic but from 8 years old, Oksana switched to Rhythmic Gymnastic.

Soon after -her passion become to perform on stage and to let her soul fly. In 2003 Oksana went to Kiev State College of Circus and Variety Arts, where she started to train and later perform on events her Aerial Hoop Act.

From 2006 until end of 2010 she was hired by Cirque du Soleil with the production - Quidam where for the first 2 years she performed with an Aerial Hoop act, however soon after she was asked to become a soloist with the "Aerial Contortion in Silk"

In 2011 Oksana left Cirque du Soleil and was ready for the new challenges and new experiences and she started to work with Special and Gala Events most of the time in Europe.

Her Aerial Hoop Act is powerful and graceful, it contains a lot of original swings and fast spinning elements created by Oksana.

Her Aerial Silk Act is very emotional and heartwarming. Oksana has created a unique "drop" on Silk, which nobody else has done yet in the art world and will take your breath away...

Her sensitive but extremely powerful art will bring happiness and joy to her spectators.

"Every performance is a new experience for me, a new opportunity to develop an interaction between myself and my audience…" Oksana Pylypchuk